Peru’s culinary history dates back to the time of the Incas, building off of a staple diet that consisted of maize, potatoes, and spices. With the arrival of Spanish conquistadors, Spanish influence was added to the use of these three key ingredients. Peruvian cuisine was further influenced and enriched by migration from China, Japan, Europe, and Africa in the recent centuries. 

Furthermore, Peru can be split up into three geographic regions: the Coast, Andean Sierra, and Amazon jungle, adding to the Variety and diversity of Peru’s culinary art. 


Peruvian cuisine is very different than American cuisine in several ways, yet we introduce you to our new culinary endeavor through finding equal ground in terms of ingredients and quality; we try not to stray from our own concept of freshness as well. We have made special selections for our menus, hoping to offer you a satisfactory dining experience as well as the best of Peruvian flavors.